The world’s best, most versatile holster that firmly secures your weapon using a unique system that allows you to "Hang it Anywhere, Take it Everywhere." Proudly made in the USA.

Unique Features

Kohroo Tactictal Universal holster for Semi-Automatic, full velcro  hook & loop backing. Hang on safe doors

Universal holster designed to fit most small, medium and large framed Semi-Automatics. Secure your weapon with the 3/4 inch Hook & Loop retention strap.

Kohroo Holster with entire back surface area of Hook & Loop velcro for strong hold carpeted surfaces

Entire back surface area is Hook & Loop, allowing for an extemely strong hold on looped fabric surfaces. Every holster includes a 4x6 inch "Holster HangerPad" so you can "Hang it Anywhere."

Each holster features a 2.5 inch Belt Loop with an innovative, sewn-on, removable Hook & Loop labeling system so you can identify the type of firearm at a glance.

Perfect for interior safe doors

Kohroo tactical Holster labeling system velcro hook & loop for carpeted safe surfaces
Kohroo tactical Holster labeling system velcro hook & loop for carpeted safe surfaces. Gun Collection
Kohroo tactical Holster labeling system velcro hook & loop for carpeted safe surfaces. Glock gun collection

Hang it Anywhere

Kohroo Tactical Holster hanging in gun cabinet door

Cabinet Door

Laundry Cabinet

Kohroo Tactical Holster hanging on nightstand for quick emergency access


Under Desk


Kohroo Tactical Gun  safe storage bookcase with velcro attach



Take it Everywhere

Kohroo Tactical Gun  safe storage motorcycle saddlebag with velcro attachment


Kohroo Tactical Gun  safe storage BMW Trunk with velcro attachment

Car Trunk


Kohroo Gun Holster with Belt loop wear on hip with velcro Hook & Loop

On Your Hip

Kohroo Gun Holster in briefcase, purse bag attach with velcro carpet hook & loop

Inside Your Briefcase

Kohroo Tactical gun holster hang in your car, trunk, hatchback

Interior Hatchback


These Kohroo Tactical holsters are perfect for my Safe door.  I now have plenty of room in my Safe for other guns in my collection and with the large surface area of the Hook & Loop on the back, I am amazed that even my heavy all steel Autos hold tight.  An added bonus is that I can use the Hook & Loop labeling system, so I know which gun is in which holster.

John N

I love that the Kohroo holster is designed as an actual holster and not just a “holder."  It fits both my Glock 17 & 19 perfectly and with the Hook & Loop retention strap—it’s not going anywhere.  Also, proud to support made in America and not some imported holster.

Roger H

The ease of access is great.  I have my .45 hanging in the closet attached to the included “Holster HangerPad."  When I want to go to the gun range, I just pull the gun and Kohroo holster off the wall and attach to the inside of my range bag where I have another HangerPad.  It’s a very safe way to carry because I know exactly where it is in my bag and it doesn’t float around.

Ted K

I am truly impressed with how well these Kohroo holsters hold to the included Hangerpad and how well the pad sticks to the Safe.  My Gun Safe has steel interior doors, so I stuck the Hangerpad right on the metal. It stays like it’s “nailed” on.

Jenny M